what is much?

Hello! Now is probably a stupid time to post this since not many people are online and I’ll probably reblog it tomorrow, but whatever. Also sorry I ramble a bit at the beginning idk I talk a lot.

Sooo here’s another 5sos cover. The bridge sucks and the end is weird but whatever I kinda like it it was fun! Please watch and share with all your 5sos-lovin friends :) 

you’re like perfection, some kinda holiday

Hi friends! Here with another 5sos cover bc I’m trash. (Listen with headphones if you can it’s kinda quiet at the beginning esp.)

This was literally my first take which is miraculous. I got out my nice mic so the guitar sounds better than usual huzzah. It’s nothing special and I had no idea what I was doing at the end but here ya go woot!

It always will be you, wherever you are

This is literally appalling I am so sorrrry oh my god I mess up the guitar a couple times and I’m holding bak on my singing beacuse I don’t wanna make my neighbors too mad (while playing electric guitar through an amp lol nice) but yeaHH OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BAD BUT THIS SONG IS SO IMPORTANT SO HERE YOU GO I LOVE THIS SONGGG SOO MUHHH 

(I also just really wanted to make a cover with my sweet as hell fender strat and I was too lazy to get out my nice mic so it sounds like crap i am sorrrry here you go okay)

tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll cause i can’t control myself

p.s. someday i will remake this with multiple partts and harmonies and add in micahel’s cool lead parts but that takes so much work and mixing and recording so tthis is what you get

May, 11th
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Hi lovely people!

So I’m not entirely happy with this but I probably never will be because I’m not Matt Healy so whatever. This isn’t my favorite the 1975 song, and normally I wouldn’t play the hit unless it was my favorite, but I love love love the way this song translates to acoustic so I decided to do it. Woot. Hope you enjoy.

We’re dressed in black from head to toe, we’ve got guns hidden under our petticoats.

P.S. Sorry for the awkward angle and terrible lighting, I’m lazy.

April, 28th
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Youth - Daughter

I said I would upload a better version of this cover, so I did! 

The old one isn’t terrible but this is a bit more polished in terms of the guitar and I like what I did with the melody a bit better. I flub the lyrical rhythms a couple times but what are ya gonna do? Also my phone vibrates at one point oops sorry.

This is still the best song ever and yeah. If you watched my other cover of this, lemme know which one you like better and I’ll probably take one down eventually.

I’m forever missing him. 

I covered this with my band and absolutely fell in love with singing it. This is my first take so it’s kinda shaky and has messups but I doubt I’ll get it any better and I’m too lazy to try haha. 

my dear we’re slow dancing in a burning room

Hi guys! So Nashville is one of my favorite shows right now, so I though I would cover a song from it! This isn’t perfect and I’m not completely happy with it but I adore this song so whatever. I used my nice new mic. Also, I am begging you: LISTEN TO IT WITH HEADPHONES. It makes all the difference. Seriously. 

I will fall if you come around…

February, 16th
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So everyone covers/loves this song and I didn’t do anything special so originality on this one is low buuut I wanted to post a cover. So here it is!

White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes..

track name: Wide Awake (Piano Cover)
producer: Meredith

Wide Awake (Cover)

There are lots of things I hate about this and things I love and it’s recorded using my nice new mic so I’m just gonna post it. Yes it’s Katy Perry but listen to that goddamn instrumental track. Beautiful. The mixing isn’t right but it’s past midnight and I can’t bring myself to care. So yes. The end. First cover in forever wow. 

Please listen to the whole thing because it gets better. Also idk why I made my voice sound so weird and poppy..it’s weird. Sorry. 

Credit for the instrumental goes to the youtube channel/iTunes artist Sing2Piano.

November, 11th
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I got bored.

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.

August, 16th
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So this song has a special meaning to me because of camp that I’m not going to explain but it’s really special and I wanted to cover it and yeah here it is.

And I will try to fix you.

i mean..yeah. i haven’t done a cover in months so this was necessary. it’s awful and yes i mess up the words a couple times and LOL i am not pete wentz so the bridge is HILARIOUS and at the end i was too lazy to do the second singing part over it so yeah here it is.

happily ever after below the waist. 

this took forever oh my i just kept messing up everything but i did it! there are some messups but whatever. i’m not a piano player as you can tell, this was just learned by ear and yeah..it’s a whole step lower than greta sings it because yeah that’s better for my voice and yay i hope you like it huSHIESSSS!!!

three ghosts and a lighthouse.

February, 8th
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okay don’t judge this song is hard okay and the entire bridge is SO HARD so that’s why it’s suckssss i’m really sorry omg this is so bad my voice is shot and my fingers hurt bleh

girls become lovers who turn into mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters too

i’m kinda flat and i haven’t brushed my hair and this is bad but lol here ya go

i thought i loved you, it was just how you looked in the light.