what is much?

When people call Damon selfish..okay..I’m not even going to get into all the selfless things he’s done for Elena or selfish things Stefan has done..but, just, when did it become wrong to want to be with the person you love?

It’s been what like 2 years since he fell in love with her? And he’s had to endure heartbreak after heartbreak, and finally she and Stefan are BROKEN UP. and SHE seeks him out to tell him why. HE DIDN’T PRESS, SHE TOLD HIM BECAUSE SHE WANTED HIM TO KNOW. And then what? He’s selfish for being with her? He’s selfish for letting himself have what he’s wanted for so long and knows he finally is worthy of? He’s selfish because after sacrificing so much, he finally let himself be with Elena without feeling guilty because Elena wanted him too? Well fuck you. Damon has consistently taken the high road and let Elena be with Stefan if that’s what made her happy, but now he knows that he makes her happy..and he’s going to act on that! It’s not selfish, it’s human. 

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