what is much?
September, 20th
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NARRY OMG- (19/09/2014)- Sun Bowl Stadium

September, 20th
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Heathers (1988)



September, 20th
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Philadelphia - August 13th
September, 20th
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that picture of luke is photoshopped i’m live 90% sure his left shoulder looks weird and right hand and his torso looks short man idk i don; thikn it’s real but i;m cool with pretendin it is cause LUUUUEK OHY MGDO

My!!! Roomies!! Are!!! So!!! Cute!!!?!!!!! (I hate them)

luke had this as his twitter icon but then changed it to a different picture a couple seconds later.

ashton irwin: a summary (insp)


Luke doing emoji faces with a fan (x)

September, 19th
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frankhub replied to your post “Do you get drunk like every weekend or something because all I see is drunk photos from you. Not trying to be rude but you’re not even of age yet, you might wanna slow down”

aren’t people in college supposed to Party & Drink like. i don’t even remember most of my first year at uni i was always drunk or hungover it was a weird cycle

lol ily

@marielleguzman: She’s obsessed…